Operator Music Band

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With shades of art-pop experimentalism and electronic minimalism, New York’s Operator Music Band is a blend of the comforting analogue old and the kinetic digital new. Warbling synthesizers and waves of feedback noise wander over steady motorik beats, bringing krautrock into an exciting third wave of synthetic bliss. What ultimately defines their sound is an aesthetic and tonal malleability, willing to appear both serious & silly.


At the center of Operator Music Band is the complex symbiosis between Dara Hirsch and Jared Hiller. Hirsch, an audio engineer by trade brings a cerebral intensity to her virtuosic guitar playing and vulnerable vocal delivery, while Hiller is all flash and noise, partly through his own analogue effects tinkering (l0/rez). The duo has been recently joined by Alejandro Salazar (Gemma, Zula, Railings) on drums, and Gabe Pittleman on bass.

On their latest EP, Coördination, the band expands on the vocabulary established in their debut LP, Puzzlephonics I & II (New Professor Music), adding layers of textural and melodic complexity to their already familiar strobing funk-punk arrangements. With guest drumming by Julian Fader (Ava Luna, Nadine) and produced by Henry Terepka (Zula) this new batch of songs shows Operator Music Band is willing to explore an ever-expanding palette through collaboration and experimentation. As with their previous effort, Coördination, was mixed and mastered by Jonathan Schenke (Parquet Courts, Snail Mail, Cloud Becomes Your Hand).


In May 2019, they released a new single ‘Squaresoft’. The single was produced by Peter Negroponte (Guerilla Toss) and released through the label Broken Circles. Their second LP, ‘Duo Duo’ is set for release on September 20th, 2019, also with Broken Circles.








"...with its motorik pulse, analogue squelches, and cooed backing vocals... Operator [Music Band] feels like part of a distinct New York lineage."

-FACT Magazine

"...a sophisticated machine, engineered to turn on a dime without losing momentum."

-Flood Magazine

"...a slab of syncopated art-rock with razor wire guitars and lustrous synth beds, altogether resembling something along the lines of David Byrne fronting Gang Of Four."


"Once again Operator Music Band are proving why they’re one of the most compelling bands currently on the upswing."


"With pulsating synths and unrelenting drumming, Operator [Music Band] produces resplendent pieces of Krautrock fandom that flaunt their ability to balance motoric build-ups with chaotic moments of release."


"Deliriously addictive"


"This band has a future because they can see the future. They can feel the future. They pick notes from the air like lemons dangling from trees, they piece together puzzles of rhythm and melody. These empty spaces are all a part of the bigger picture. Infinite potential, sounds waiting to be found."


"The group have put together one of the strongest dance albums of 2017 — something to keep a party going while simultaneously making you feel pretty trippy. Experimentation on an album can be a challenge for some artists, but putting in the extra work to get the right sounds goes a long way. Here, there’s no question: Operator Music Band was able to produce the right sounds."




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